8 IN Ceiling Speaker OFF WHITE

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- Wide dispersion 4-1/2" driver and integral high-frequency radiator provide for broad even coverage
- Superb off-axis response
- High-efficiency drivers deliver superior performance
- Designed to deliver maximum off-axis coverage
- Superior sound in a small compact enclosure that is visually appealing
- For 70V and low-impedance systems
- Computer-matched venting system for extended bass output
- High-power handling capability for foreground sound or high ambient noise environments
- Selectable power taps via rear-mounted control; 32 16 8 4 2 1 watts @ 70V
- 16-ohm setting for non-transformer multispeaker systems
- Quick & Easy wiring with snap-lock screw terminal connector
- Low-resonance cabinet structure improves mid-range clarity
- White or Black textured finish; easily paintable to match theme decors
- Attractive contemporary sturdy steel grille assembly with fine perforations
- Single attachment point for suspension and second point provided for safety cable

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