Our devoted team of account representatives understands that our customers are the hallmark of our enduring partnerships. The purchase of technology products and solutions are subject to manufacturer restrictions which may be different from other product purchases you transact. Most of the products and solutions we sell are subject to a manufacturer's warranty. The warranty provided by the manufacturer is the first place to look for assistance with difficulties that may accompany your purchase. To obtain information regarding manufacturer's warranties, please, contact us at the following e-mail address, or call us: +1 469-225-4600 or admin@tetrachoice.com

We encourage you to request information from any of our account executives about extending the service period on any of the products or solutions that you purchase.

Most manufacturers offer a one year warranty on all new equipment. During the warranty period, you may call the manufacturer to receive warranty service. The manufacturer will attempt to solve your problem via phone. If a situation extends beyond the manufacturer's service centers ability to resolve, please contact your Tetra Choice Business representative for further guidance.

Apple Computer Products. Apple products are non-returnable: Apple Computer offers a one year warranty on all new equipment. During the warranty period, you may call 1-800-275-2273 to receive warranty service. Apple will attempt to solve your problem via phone. If they are unable to solve the problem, they will either dispatch a replacement via Airborne Express or will direct you to the closest Apple service center.

No returns or refunds will be made for items that are special ordered for you or for unusual custom configurations of systems.

Other Non-Returnable Products. Several manufacturers' policies and restrictions disallow product returns. The following manufacturer's products (not all inclusive) are also not returnable to us: 3Com, Compaq, Cisco, IBM, Intel, HP, Toshiba, Adobe, Quark, Lenovo, Sony and Polycom. Other manufacturers apply to this list, so please call us for the latest information. You will need to contact the manufacturer directly regarding return or replacement of these brands under their respective guarantees and/or warranties. Please contact us if you would like to obtain copies of the manufacturers' guarantees and warranties prior to purchase.

Items with a money back guarantee from the manufacturer. Some items offer a Money Back Guarantee from the manufacturer (a "MBG"). In those instances, We will not accept product returns. You will need to contact the manufacturer directly regarding return of the product and policies regarding such return. Please contact us if you would like to obtain copies of manufacturers' guarantees and warrantees, including any MBG, prior to purchase.

Television Returns. Returns of televisions 27 inches or larger are subject to the following restrictions

  • Upon delivery, please inspect the television carefully for damage while the shipper is still present. If you discover any damage, please refuse delivery and you will receive a refund of the purchase price, shipping and handling fees, and sales taxes (if any). You must sign the shipper's release form which acknowledges this return policy.
  • If, after delivery, the television does not work, all returns, in-house servicing (if applicable), and warranty repairs are handled exclusively by the manufacturer. Televisions 27 inches or larger cannot be returned to us.
  • You can obtain copies of warranties through us, or directly from the manufacturer.
  • Software. Opened software, and Electronic Download Software (ESD), are not returnable. Unopened software, after 7 days of receipt of product, is also not returnable. All licensing sales are final. Defective software may be returned within 7 days of invoice date only for exchange of the same title. Original shipping charges are not refundable. Shipping charges on returned software are the responsibility of the customer.

    Damaged Shipments. If your shipment arrives damaged the Shipment must be refused if you notice any visible damage or tampering on the box. Should the shipment be accepted, you must note the damage on the carrier's delivery record in accordance with the carrier's policy, save the merchandise in the original box and packing it arrived in, and notify us immediately to arrange for a carrier inspection and pick up of damaged merchandise. Concealed damage on a shipment must be reported within 7 days. If you do not notify us of damaged goods within the first 7 days of arrival, the regular return policy will override any claim of damage, and your purchase(s) will fall under all current manufacturer restrictions.

    Defective/ Dead On Arrival Non-Software Products. Certain products (excluding Apple and the product manufacturers listed above) may be approved for return by our technical support division if reported to us within the first 15 days after receipt of shipment, and only after support from the original manufacturer has been received. The return must be 100% complete, in original and resalable condition, with all original packaging, manuals, registration card(s) and software. Original shipping, packaging, handling and related charges are not refundable. Shipping charges on returned products are the responsibility of the customer. We will match the shipping method and pay for shipping charges to you on replacement or exchange products. All late, non-defective, and/or incomplete returns are subject to minimum 20% restocking fee..

    Non-Defective Product Return. Customers may return most non-defective items (subject to manufacturer's return policy) to us within 15 days of invoice, either for credit or exchange. An automatic 20% restocking fee applies to all such returns. All shipping, packaging, handling and related charges are not refundable.

    Obtaining an RA Number: Please contact either your account executive or the Customer Service Department by phone at 469-225-4600 within 15 days of purchase for a Return Authorization (RA) number before returning your product to us. If the request meets the return criteria, the Returns Department will issue the RA# and send you the instructions on how to proceed. No returns of any type will be accepted without a RA number. For faster service, please have the following information on hand when calling for an RA number: customer name, order number, item number and serial number and the reason for the return. Upon receipt of a RA, customers are given 15 days to return the product. Original shipping, handling, packaging and related charges are not refundable. Shipping charges on returned products are the responsibility of the customer. We will match the shipping method and pay for shipping charges to you for replacement or exchange products. We strongly recommend you use a traceable carrier and fully insure your return shipment in case of loss or damage.

    Additional Terms Associated with Orders On Account

  • All invoices are to be paid within 15 days from the date of invoice, or such lesser period as may be determined by us as set forth in an applicable invoice. At any time that an amount is due us, we shall have the right, without prior notice, to set off and apply any amounts otherwise owed by us to you, to any amounts owed to us by you, in all cases.
  • We may require financial statements for the last two years (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows) to be submitted in consideration of any request for net terms, and will be required for any credit line request of $100,000 or more. Current financial statements are required to maintain existing credit line and to consider increase requests. This information will be for the exclusive use of us and/or our affiliates and will remain confidential.
  • We may establish a credit line for use and your credit purchases at any one time will not exceed the amount of credit line established by us. We reserve the right to reduce or terminate your credit line at any time. Increases to your credit line are at the sole discretion of the seller and may only be made after a request for an increase is received and credit worthiness deemed acceptable.
  • Default: The following are events of default related to orders on account:
  • You do not make a payment when due.
  • You make any false or misleading statements on your credit application or you fail to supply us with updated financial information regarding the business within 15 days of request.
  • You file bankruptcy or a bankruptcy petition is filed against you.
  • There is an event that occurs, which in our reasonable discretion causes the prospect of payment by you to be significantly impaired.
  • You breach any other terms of this Agreement.
  • In the event of default, we reserve the right to demand that the entire unpaid balance be paid immediately. If you are in default and we refer your Account to an attorney and/or collection agency for collection, you will be responsible to pay the costs associated with such collection and late fees. In the event litigation is required, Customer consents to the in personam jurisdiction and venue in the State or Federal courts in Los Angeles County, California. All liabilities of the Business shall mature immediately upon the insolvency of the Business, its inability to meet its obligations as they become due, the appointment of the receiver, custodian or trustee for the business, the filing of voluntary or involuntary petition for relief in bankruptcy, reorganization, or arrangement, the making of an assignment for the benefit of creditor or calling of a meeting of creditors by the Business.
  • We have the right to cancel or rescind your account, as it relates to future purchases, at any time, without default. You will remain obligated to pay for all purchases made prior to cancellation and any charges associated with these purchases
  • Applicant agrees to pay in U.S. Dollars for all purchases, late fees, return check charges, and other charges or fees under this Agreement incurred by you or any User, plus collection costs, court costs and reasonable attorney fees. All disputes must be received by written notice within seven business days of receipt of invoice and prior to payment.
  • All business accounts that participate in a Ops Track Site (OP) shall be subject to the following terms and conditions: The OP account holder shall be responsible for all purchases placed through their OP Site subject to their payment terms with us to the email address designated by the user authorized to submit orders to us via their OP Site. A OP account holder will have password-protected access to the Site and account established by us for their use. The account holder shall be fully responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of the password granting access to the Site. The account holder shall be held fully liable by us for all purchases placed through the Site irrespective of whether an order is placed by a person allegedly not authorized by the account holder to have password access. We shall have no liability or responsibility for an account holder's disclosure, inadvertent or otherwise, of its account password to any other individual or entity.